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Structured Wiring and Cabling Services

Network infrastructure, specifically cabling, is often not recognized publicly for its value. This is probably because a great infrastructure is designed and installed, so cabling is out of sight, out of mind and out of the way. There is a lot more to cabling system performance than just buying good quality cable and connecting hardware.

In order to ensure full bandwidth potential, a structured cabling system needs to be properly designed, installed, and administered. Quality service as well as quality components and material are our pledge to you. We provide you with following services:

  • Free On Site Consultations
  • Flat Fee Pricing
  • FIBER Cabling, Termination , Testing, and Installation
  • Network Cabling / Network Installations
  • Phone Systems Installations / Wiring
  • Network Room Cleanup
  • Abandoned Cable Removal
  • Rack & Server Cabinet Installations
  • Cable Management Systems

Examples of some of the domain where we put our creativity

Telecommunication and Paging

Bringing a telephone line to a user`s desk is a simple and well-understood task. However, changes in business applications require the integration of voice applications with support for data, graphics, integrated services digital network connections, and other services over a single, standardized cabling system. We are beginning to see the beginnings of this new age of unified multimedia in the telecommunications industry.We provide infrastructure wiring and cabling for voice and paging systems and components as well as public address systems.

Clean Up

Network Room Clean Up Services

We understand that some server rooms in small and medium businesses, are built with little or no regards for cable management and over the years they can become an eye sore. Our team of trained professionals will assist you in determine the most efficient way to reorganize your equipment and wiring to maximize your goal potential.

High-performance Residential Cabling

Our Home Network Residential Cabling System provides whole-house distribution of voice, data, video and audio. All incoming signals from CATV, DSS, DSL, Cable Modem, telephone, or any other source can be fed into a Central Cabinet and then distributed to multimedia outlets located throughout the home. Color-coded voice, data and video patch cords make it easy for end users to reconfigure and customize their system.


CCTV Wiring and Installations

We provide wiring and cabling services for commercial and residential video surveillance installation.

Audio and Visual wiring and Installations

We provide wiring and cabling services for commercial audio and video installation.


Rack and Server Cabinet Installations

At Quantum Technology Services our crews are trained specialists in installation and removal of server cabinets and equipment racks. We have the resources at our disposal to help you with any project large or small.

Benefits of Structured Wiring & Cabling Services

  • It helps your data cabling look like a multimillion dollar data center by providing you with a clean and organized wiring environment.
  • It helps to correct network issues faster.
  • It maximizes air flow to your server's and equipment.

Norms Followed

Quantum Technology Services provides cabling and wiring removal services which adhere with NEC ("National Electric Code") requirements. Our wiring and cable installations will meet or exceed minimum EIA, TIA and ANSI standards. We only use fully tested certified wiring and cable components. We also have the ability to test your wiring infrastructure with the highest industry standard tools. Our test check for minimum wiring performance, continuity, NEXT (near end cross talk), attenuation, and random noise to insure your wiring and cabling infrastructure is secure and up to EIA, TIA and ANSI standards.

Quantum Technology Services provides network cabling infrastructure to meet your current and future cable and wiring needs.

If you are looking for a wiring and cabling expert please contact us today for a free consultation or proposal.

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