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Hosted PBX Solution

Hosted PBX is highly scalable Unified Communications solution that uses cloud technology to deliver integrated high definition (HD) voice and data services, collaboration tools, mobility, contact center functions, along with advanced calling features across all of your business locations.

With live voice quality monitoring, built-in redundancy and an uptime service guarantee, Hosted PBX has all of the benefits you need to easily and confidently deliver high-quality voice and Unified Communications across the enterprise.

Hosted PBX Features

Our cloud-based service provides a wealth of powerful features, many of which are included at no additional cost. Below is a categorized list of some of the most popular features.

  • Cost Saving
  • Work Anywhere
  • Company Image
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Auto-attendant
  • Business Hour Rules
  • Call Block
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Labels
  • Call Mentoring
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Park
  • Call Recording
  • Call Screening
  • Company Phone Directory

  • Conference Calling
  • Custom Hold Music / Information
  • Day / Night Modes
  • Departmental Ring Groups
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Direct Dial Numbers
  • Directed Call Pickup
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Employee Status Indicators
  • Employee Mobility
  • Find-Me / Follow-Me
  • Free Calls between Subscribers
  • Free Calls between Staff
  • Hunt Groups
  • Keep Your Phone Numbers
  • Live Call Transfers

  • Message Waiting Indicators
  • Multiple Offices
  • Multiple Phone Lines
  • Multiple Phone Numbers
  • No Busy Signals
  • Online Call Records
  • Operator Extensions
  • Soft Phones
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Unlimited Internal Calls
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail Notifications
  • Voicemail to E-mail
  • Web Interface

Benefits of a Hosted PBX

There are a number of key advantages to using a Hosted PBX versus traditional telephone service or purchasing an office telephone system.

  • Initial Cost Savings - You don’t need to make a large upfront investment by purchasing an office telephone system and there is no need to maintain it. With a Hosted PBX solution the office telephone system is operated and maintained by your provider.
  • Ongoing Cost Savings - Typically, a Hosted PBX implementation is significantly more cost-effective over the long run than a traditional PBX. These ongoing savings are in addition to the initial savings on capital outlay.
  • Geographical Flexibility - Employees can work from anywhere when your office phone system is virtual. You can have employees working from home, other offices, mobile phones, and even overseas.
  • Local Presence - Hosted PBX systems allow you to get local virtual numbers in cities where you are not physically located which allows you to create a virtual presence or open a virtual office.
  • Credibility - For small businesses a virtual system can give them instant credibility by presenting their customers with a professional sounding telephone solution. Traditional telephone systems are generally cost-prohibitive for smaller organizations.
  • Scalability - Traditional phone systems are limited by how many users they can handle as well as how many lines you have purchased from your local telephone provider. Virtual systems can expand and grow with your business as you need them to.
  • Quick Setup - Hosted PBX solution can have you up and running very quickly compared to a traditional telephone system.
  • Ease of Use - End-user management of a Hosted PBX is far more user-friendly than is the case with traditional solutions. Intuitive web interfaces mean that anyone can manage, monitor and make changes to the service at any time, without needing any specialized skills or experience.
  • Unlimited Calling To USA, Canada and Puerto Rico Included In Plan

Quantum Technology Services has partnered with Panasonic to offer Hosted (PBX) Phone Systems that are a comprehensive and provided an enterprise-grade phone system for your business with reasonable pricing structure.


  • With Free Auto Attendant - The Auto-attendant receives and routes calls by voice menu. Taking the place of a receptionist Example: “Press 1 for sales or 2 for support’.
  • Unlimited Free Voice Mail - Never miss important messages again with Panasonics voicemail to email feature you will receive your voice.

Note: If you already have VoIP phones, you can use them, instead of buying new ones and capitalize on the additional savings.

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