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Upgrading Your Analog Cameras to Network Cameras is A Simple Process with Great Benefits!


From analog to network video

Do you need to make the change from analog CCTV to network High Definition or megapixel video? Are you looking to install your first IP-Surveillance system? Quantum Technology Services has the know-how and expertise to answer your needs.

Our true network IP video solutions are:

  • Based on open standards – Our systems will work with a variety of industry standard equipment.
  • Fully scalable and compatible with your current infrastructure – so you can leverage your investments
  • Reliable and future-proof.
  • Take advantage of the latest advanced features available today.

Flaws of Analog Surveillance System:

  • Low-quality images
  • Inadequate storage and access
  • Reliable and future-proof.
  • Management Software

Analog to Network Video Transition

Connect your existing analog cameras with BNC connectors into the Axis video encoder. There are 1-channel and 4-channel encoders available. One Ethernet Cat5 cable also connects to the Axis video encoder which simply connects your CCTV cameras to your network. It is really that simple!

How does it work?

Thanks to the technology, companies that utilize analog surveillance systems can convert them to the IP-based type. It can be achieved by using an analog-to-IP converter, doing so is more cost-effective than replacing all the analog cameras. DVR-based systems have served their purpose but are quickly on their way out and managed network-based systems are replacing them. Don't throw away your investment in order to gain all of the benefits an IP-based solution can provide.

Once your CCTV cameras are converted to IP technology, you are now free to use any IP surveillance software or service available on the market today. Better yet, connect them to the by Remote Hosted Video as a Service (HvaaS) and store the video remotely to a centralized secure server and access your entire system from any computer using a web-browser. No software is needed and on-going support and up-dates are included!

Build a completely new IP-Surveillance system using your current Coaxial Wiring (No Rewiring Needed)!

Quantum network (IP) video solutions can run on standard coaxial cables and can support a number of advanced technologies, such as Ethernet and Power over coaxial cable. Have analog cameras and are thinking on moving up to an IP system, but the installation cost of changing the wiring is to high? Quantum technology Services can leverage your current wiring infrastructure to reduce on the rewiring cost and allow you to upgrade to a new network IP Video Security system with high definition cameras. We will even help reduce cost by utilizing your standard IT equipment and components such as switches, computers, servers and storage.


Benefits of IP Security System:

  • Enhanced Resolution
  • Scalability
  • Remote Accessibility
  • Enhanced Security
  • Flexibility

A whole IP ecosystem

Quantum Technology Services has formed key partnerships with the top network cameras, software and hardware manufacturers to secure the highest quality product for our clients at cost effective pricing. Quantum Technology Service has the flexibility to offer an array of customized services ranging from cabling, networking hardware, video management applications and more.

  • Networking infrastructure
  • Video management software
  • Servers.
  • Storage
  • Services

To meet all you network (IP) video solutions needs and requirements.

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